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Welcome to the Raising Awesome Website. We are a 10+ year father and son Maker team. Here you can find all our projects from various contests, magazines, and Youtube channels. Check out our daily tips and highlights just below.

When Connor was 5, he thought it would be cool for us to make an R2D2. Little did we know it would change the trajectory of both our lives for the next 12 years. We went on to a journey to learn all Maker skills. Although, as his dad, I brought to the table years of programming and practical experience working on my cars and homes, I learned along with him on electronics and metal working. Our journey continued through his teen years. We still have a couple more years until the big launch to college.

Along the way, we learned 3D printing, how to solder, how to weld, how to design with Autodesk Fusion 360, and on and on. The projects covered home maintenance and construction, mechatronics, IoT, and automative repair. We also matched our projects to life principles to help illuminate the best person he could become.

We consider our time on these projects very well spent. It gave him insights and a life plan for the world ahead.

The result is a great repository for new parents to take on such a journey with their children. Or, at the least, it's a great site to find great Maker projects and learn to become a jack of all trades (which is way better than just a master of one).

Tip of the Day: When installing electrical wiring, leave about 4 inches of slack above the switch box that will allow for pulling down extra if ever needed.
Highlight of the Day: Enhance! - Movies have said that for years when they have blurry security cam footage. It's finally here! At least for AI trained objects like the human face - and there is enough in the blurry image to work with. It's well beyond sharpen filters - AI fills in the gaps.

Coming Soon!
The Rawesome Carver - a free CNC User Interface for Arduino Uno GRBL controllers and 3018 CNC machines.

There are a lot of options out there for a CNC User Interface. Most are crazy expensive. One thing they all have in common: they are all uber conservative on what they let you do at the steering wheel. You can only jog your CNC in fixed increments. GRBL alarms need manually cleared even when its the obvious only choice. They can scratch your stock when you forget and leave the bit. I want a smart digital 3D twin of my grid with WASD gamer controls. I really don't even want to touch the mouse. I just want to steer it in and hit a button and out carves a shape of choice - or a canned gcode block from the side bar for fast placement and scaling.

So, we are making one. It's a Unity C# driven digital twin designed for GRBL. Your input is sent to GRBL and the position is fed back to the digital twin to stay visually in sync. If you have a CNC Laser or Wood Engraver, stay tuned. If not, check out our Laser GRBL project to build one.

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Here's a little background on what this father and son team are all about:

Our Maker Blogs

These are general blogs to help you do what we do - and help us remember what we did to do it again.

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Our Maker Projects

Here is the index of our mechatronic and programming projects published across the web and various media.

Request Headers

ASP.Net Core 5-Showing All Request Headers

Sometimes you need to see the stuff that is being sent behind the scenes in the Request Headers. These are text variables passed as part of the header of the hyper text transfer protocol (aka HTTP).

Laser Etcher

Setting Up an Amazon Web Server circa 2021

This is a head-to-toe instructions on how to set up your own free web server hosted on Amazon Web Services running on .Net Core 5.

Spider Stream

Streaming to YouTube on a Raspberry Pi

After miles of research we finally found the one-liner it takes to stream one's Raspberry Pi to YouTube.

Ad Hoc Pi Wifi

Ad Hoc WiFi Raspberry Pi UI

People love their phones. So, if you can have the user interface (UI) of your Maker project be their phone, do it. It also makes your project less expensive and with less parts to troubleshoot and maintain. This guide takes you through setting up the Pi as an ad hoc Wi Fi module so one can connecct. It then provides a simple web server example to serve as the interface.

IP Address

ASP.Net Core 5-Getting the User's IP Address

Now that ASP.Net Core can run on Linux - often it is running under a reverse proxy from a web server like Apache. So, the default references to a users IP return the local IP of the Apache server. This makes for a very hard Google to figure out. Luckily, we nailed it, finally.

IP Address

PC Game Pass Fix

If you are having trouble getting PC games to consistently work with Microsoft Game Pass Ultimate, this might be the trick.

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