GPS Selection Guide

Sparkfun made an excellent comparison of various GPS modules. Although very much dated, it gave a really good education as well. I added it here just for future reference.

Sean J. Miller 9/5/2022

GPS Tracking Comparisons - SparkFun Electronics

Although the Sparkfun GPS Tracking Comparison blog linked above is all the way back to the early days of the smart phone, the GPS tech hasn't changed much in the 12 years since.  The top modules compared are still the leading contenders today.  If you are in the market of a GPS solution for your project, this link is a good place to start.

However, most of the 2010 offerings still available are expensive compared to their breakout board:  SparkFun GPS Breakout - XA1110 (Qwiic) - Small I2C-supported board Easy hookup Includes XA1110 (Titan X1) GPS module Supports GPS GLONASS QZSS SBAS+ 210 PRN/99 search/33 simultaneous tracking channels: Industrial & Scientific.  That is the one we got.


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