How to Fix Games not Loading in Microsoft Game Pass Ultimate

By Raising Awesome © December 24, 2021


We had a problem with GamePass games loading on our PC. It would work until a reboot. After, it would attempt to launch forever and then go to the Microsoft GamePass main page without running the game. The only fix on the interweb was to reinstall after every reboot.


We found that the issue was we had converted multiple drives to Dynamic from Basic. We did this to span a volume across three drives simulating one big drive with a single drive letter.

We found that Microsoft GamePass for PC simply doesn't like it. This is true for Oculus as well, but at least it gives an error message prior to install (albeit a misleading one).

To see if you have a dynamic disk, click the windows search icon and type "disk management". Click on "Create and Format Hard Disk Partitions". Sounds cary - but it just opens the Disk Management Program.

Unfortunately, to go back to a Basic drive, you have to move everything off the drive and delete the volume. Then, copy it all back after formatting.

-Sean and Connor