Generating a Site Map for Your Website

If you want to show up in search engines, Google and Bing have a site where you can describe your website. This basically registers with them for web crawling your content to make searches easier.

-Sean J. Miller 7/15/2022

To set up our web site info with the Bing and Google Search Engines, we went to their web consoles:

One of the key things you need to feed them is your site map.  I don't know why they don't just crawl it out on their own, but you can get to a free site map generator here:

Once it generates, I download the file and upload it to the root of my website.  Then, in the web consoles, you paste that link where they request the address of your site map.  Presto!  They are crawling your content.

Those web consoles have an API that you can have push a refresh to them on demand as well.  For example - every time you create a new blog dynamically with your custom blogger website, you could push it to their engines for easier discovery.

In sum, if you run a web page, you need to get it at least on Google and Bing's search radar.

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