Prototyping a Serverless Web App and Development Environment With Azure

I wanted to see just how fast you can make a full development framework for an enterprise web application if you didn't have to go through corporate red tape. So, I created a free tier and found out the truth.

-Sean J. Miller

Like all my blogs, I'm authoring this more so to help me remember for the future.  However, I share with the world in hopes it allows you to have a great basis to start.  Here are the simple steps that it takes to make a full blown Azure serverless Webapp framework if you had the permissions to do so in your organization:

  1. Establish Azure DevOps to allow for your Wiki, KanBan, and Source Control.
    1. Go to
    2. Create a free account
    3. Click on Repos
    4. Scroll to the bottom and Initialize the main Branch
  2. Link your DevOps to your subscription
    1. Go to DevOps and look for Organization Settings
    2. Got to Billing-->Set up billing--> Create you a free subscription.  If you are a student, you'll get the most for free and not have to use a credit card.
    3. After the subscription is made, search out App Services in the Azure Portal and create a new one.  Do a static page - this is good for single page apps that talk back to function apps.
    4. Go back to your DevOps Repo and Click Setup Build.  Choose Existing Azure Pipelines YAML file.  Select the file that the portal added for you to connect Dev Ops to the app.
  3. Connect Visual Studio Code to your Repo:
    1. Go to the DevOps Repo.
    2. Click Clone and copy the URL it gives to the repo.
    3. Go to Visual Studio Code.
    4. Click Source Control and then Clone
    5. Paste the URL from step 2.  It will have you authenticate with your Microsoft credentials.
    6. Be sure to create a branch when you develop!

The first time took me about 5 hours to read and figure it out.  After doing one, I made the second in 15 minutes!!!!!!  So, the only thing holding you back from making your next amazing corporate app is your ability to sweet talk people into your app vision.  At least now you know if they say it can't be done due to how long it takes, they are just stonewalling you with permissions.  Good luck!


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