Wood, Metal, and Laser CNC

A very versatile CNC for wood, metal and laser milling, carving, and etching.

-Raising Awesome 2022

Although this was pretty much a basement build, this is one of largest projects, yet.  For this CNC build, we went after a laser, wood, and aluminum cutter/carver. Comparable units from reputable manufactures are over $2000. This one came in under $800.


What makes it such a big project is that we didn't just assemble it or build it from a kit.  It was designed from the ground up in Autodesk Fusion 360.  This included a custom built Arduino Uno shield.  The biggest part is an entirely new offering to the CNC community to drive GRBL - The Raising Awesome Carver.  This took tons of research and code to make a cool 3D interface with plenty of smarts for wood and laser carving.

Check out our build at Instructables:  Bigtime Basement Build CNC for Laser and Wood Projects : 8 Steps - Instructables

Also, you can check out the Raising Awesome Carver. 


I'll be recording speed and power settings here as I learn:

Laser Black Acrylic:  3mm", 100% @ 700mm/min for 10 passes


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